Randolph monument (Norfolk County)

Location: In front of Stetson Hall, 6 South Main Street, Randolph
Coordinates: 42°09’44.1″N 71°02’28.7″W
Date dedicated: October 21, 1911
Architect/sculptor/manufacturer: Frederick Kohlhagen (sculptor), Gorham Manufacturing Co. (casting), J. N. White & Sons of Quincy (pedestal)
Number of names: No names on monument

Randolph“The Skirmisher,” was sculpted by Frederick Kohlhagen (1842-1927) (another copy can be found in Whitman, Plymouth County). Kohlhagen was a sculptor from Germany who emigrated to New York in 1881 and soon settled in Providence, Rhode Island. In 1885, he was commissioned by the monument committee of the 10th Pennsylvania Reserves to design a sculpture to top their regimental monument at Gettysburg. Kohlhagen depicted a soldier on the skirmish line, advancing independently. The design is animated and lifelike, rather different than most of the stone-faced soldiers’ monuments.

Kohlhagen’s design was cast by the Gorham Manufacturing Company. Already famous for their production of fine silver and gold tableware, Gorham Manufacturing was looking to get into the monument business. Kohlhagen’s “The Skirmisher” was the first bronze statue they produced. It would be recast many times, although it remains rare in Massachusetts. The second version of the monument was placed in Roger Williams Park in Providence in 1898. The Whitman and Randolph statues are the only versions in Massachusetts thus far cataloged by this project.