Carver monument (Plymouth County)

CarverLocation: Shurtleff Park, 107 Main Street, Carver
Coordinates: 41°53’19.9″N 70°46’09.5″W
Date dedicated: May 30, 1910
Architect/sculptor: Monumental Bronze Company (manufacturer)
Number of names: 85 men who served

Dedicated on Memorial Day, 1910, the monument records the names of all Carver men who served. The primary inscription reads, “Carver Honors Her Soldiers and Sailors who Fought to Save our Country.”

The monument was cast of white bronze (zinc) by the Monumental Bronze Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut. The color-bearer figure was one of their popular designs and can be found on monuments across the country, including one in Salem. Monumental Bronze also produced a zinc design of an “Infantryman” at rest which can be found in many Massachusetts towns. Zinc was a less expensive alternative to bronze (because they are hollow) and was believed to more durable than granite.

In 1905, the Carver Ladies’ Soldiers Memorial Association was organized under the leadership of Mrs. P. Jane Barrows. Through dinners, fairs, donations and an appropriation from the town, they were successful in raising the necessary funds.

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