Marshfield Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument (Plymouth County)

MarshfieldLocation: Marshfield Hills Cemetery, 70 Old Main Street, Marshfield
Coordinates: 42°08’30.8″N 70°44’27.1″W
Date dedicated: June 15, 1895
Architect/Sculptor/Manufacturer: Unknown
Number of names: 21 men lost in the war

The monument was built in 1889 but not dedicated until June 15, 1895. It records the names of 21 men lost in the war–the most famous among them being Col. Fletcher Webster (son of Daniel Webster), commanding officer of the 12th Massachusetts Infantry. Webster was mortally wounded during the Second Battle of Bull Run while leading his regiment in an effort to repel a Confederate counterattack on Chinn Ridge. A memorial boulder today stands on the spot where he was wounded.

The primary inscription reads, “The Town of Marshfield Honors the Patriotism and Devotion of her Sons who Fell in the War of 1861-5 and Gratefully Inscribes their Names on this Stone.” It was built at a cost of $1,500. The pedestal and statue are both constructed of Quincy granite. The speaker on the day of the dedication was the Secretary of the Commonwealth, William Olin, formerly Lt. Col. of the 36th Massachusetts and future chief-of-staff of the national GAR.[1]

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[1] “Soldier’s Monument at Marshfield,” Boston Post, June 16, 1895, p. 8

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